How To Deploy Tron Smart Contracts Without TronBox Using TronScan ?
Also, interact with any smart contract functions using tronscan
ritesh agrawal

Also, interact with any smart contract functions using tronscan

You can deploy tron smart contract on tronscan without need of terminal or tronbox framework. also even after deployed you can interact with smart contract function using tronscan, I will show you in this article..

visit tronscan


Connect your tronlink wallet to the tronscan.

Then go to Blockchain deployment tab

Upload smart contract files


Click on Compile, if it gives error try changing the compiler version, or recheck that you don't have any errors in your smart contract file.

after successfull compilation you can deploy

tronscan transaction popup will occur, confirm it and wait for transaction to complete


After successfull deployment you can check tranasction details here and your contract address in base58.

Similarly you can play with your smart contract functions on tronscan

head to the tronscan website and search for your smart contract address

I am using snasta tronscan for this tutorial purpose but the same process apllies for mainnet also.


After searching you smart contract address you can see there are read contract and write contract options. Click on it and you will see your smart contract functions repectively


For example i have panel_1 read function in my smart contract and it takes address as its argument, so after providing some address as argument to this function i can call this function by clicking on call button provided as give above

simlilarly you can write some data on smart cotract with the help of write contract funtionality provided on tronscan,

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