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SmartBooks Competition Oct-2021

Participate in DApp World SmartBooks Competition Oct-2021 and win prizes worth 300 USDT


About Competition

DApp World SmartBooks competition Oct-2021 is organised for Blockchain developers, where they can publish various SmartBooks. SmartBooks are the technical blogs exclusively related to Blockchain technology. for example, it may be explaining smart contracts, DApp codes, Blockchain algorithms, etc.

To know more about smartbooks visit SmartBooks section on DApp World.

1st 100 USDT
2nd 75 USDT
3rd 50 USDT
4th, 5th, 6th 15 USDT

How Do I Participate ?

Login or Register on DApp World if you haven't yet. From navbar - 'Become An Author' dropdown select 'publish SmartBook'. Write SmartBooks within span of 4 Oct to 25 Oct and submit it, that's it!

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