Final Lab Instructions

Final Lab Instructions
1. This is time bound lab, so when time is completed the lab will be submitted automatically, you can always watch time at the right top corner of your screen.

2. You can also submit the lab by clicking on submit button at any time.

3. You can always navigate between questions with left and right arrow keys or you can click on question number directly to land on that particular question

4. The right half of the lab interface is for submitting answers

5. And the left half is for the questions
Final Lab Instructions

1. For multiple choice of questions you can select any one right answer.

2. For technical questions you will have to read the problem statement and write the code in solidity

Final Lab Instructions

1. Opening new tabs or changing windows is prohabited, If you exceed 5 warnings the final lab will be submitted automatically

2. Remember you will have to pass the lab with at least 35% in order to avail the course completion certificate

3. You can always retake the final lab if you get less than 35%