Solidity Practical Course

Learn solidity language by doing,
a simple go through practical course

Estimated total effort
4 hrs

What You Will Learn ?

Learn all the concepts of solidity language


Some fair knowledge of any programming language

Minimum System requirements

Web Browser: Firefox 60.0+ or Chrome 70+
Operating System: Mac 10.7+ 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04+ 64-bit, or Windows 8+ (64-bit)

Technologies Used

Solidity language

Course Agenda

The following topics are convered in this course

  • 1. License Identifier
  • 2. Pragmas
  • 3. Contract declaration
  • 4. Data types
  • 5. Constructor
  • 6. Function declaration
  • 7. Function arguments
  • 8. Function return data and view type
  • 9. Function return data and pure type
  • 10. Function visibility
  • 11. Array
  • 12. Struct
  • 13. Mappings
  • 14. Enum
  • 15. If-else
  • 16. Loops
  • 17. Error handling
  • 18. Modifier
  • 19. Global variables
  • 20. Mathematical and cryptographic functions
  • 21. Events
  • 22. Balance and Transfer
  • 23. Inheritance
  • 24. Function overriding
  • 25. Handling constructors in inheritance
  • 26. Interface
  • 27. Abstract contracts
  • 28. Library
  • 29. Imports
  • 30. Election/Voting smart contracts


What is the cost of an online course?

All DApp World courses are free of cost for anyone.

Does this course is of live lectures?

No, the course do not contain any live or recorded lectures, it is a complete practical course that can be completed within the browser itself

Do i need to install anything on my local machine to take this course ?

No, The course comes with all build in features in the browser itself. The complete course can be completed within the browser

Can I tak this course on smaller screens like mobiles and tablets ?

Yes, But it is prefferd if you have laptop or large screen for convenience

What do I receive for taking this course?

You will learn solidity language from scratch. You need not worry about practicing the coding anywhehre since the course provides a complete coding environment in the browser itself. You can read the topic related information and watch the video from the links provided on particular topic, at the end you will receive the certificate of completion

Completion Certificate

Get the certificate of course completion on Blockchain and build your strong blockchain exclusive profile on DApp World !