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DApp World is world's first decentralized buy/sell marketplace of DApps. You can buy variety of DApps made available by best developers around the world. DApp World architecture is based upon Ethereum blockchain, hence it itself is a decentralized application. Although it is an Ethereum based application, you can buy DApps based on variety of blockchains.

Apart from marketplace, we provide DApp development tools, tutorials, free resources and much more! So why are you waiting for? Just dive into the world of DApps!
Decentralized applications or DApps are digital applications or software that exist and run on a particular blockchain or P2P network of computers instead of a single computer. They can not be controlled by a single authority. If something is decentralized, it means that it is not controlled, owned or managed by a single person or authority.

Want to develop a DApp for yourself? We are here to help you!!
Smart contract technology was first introduced in 2015. Ethereum was the first blockchain supporting smart contracts. After that many more blockchains started supporting the technology. Smart contract creates many more possibilities than just financial transactions. Essentially, smart contracts allow two or more people to enter into an agreement/contract based upon specified conditions. Once the conditions have been met, the smart contract is executed automatically.

Want to develop a Smart contract for yourself? We are here to help you!!

Buying & selling DApps

Buying and selling is never been much easier! You don't need bank account or ID or some other complicated procedure... You just need Metamask extension (or Ethereum enabled browser) and have required Ether balance in it!

Follow these simple steps and you will have your favourite DApp with you!
  1. Create account on DApp World or Log In if you already have it
  2. Download metamask and get required Ether in wallet
  3. Go to DApp's page you want to buy
  4. Click on 'Buy' button
  5. Confirm metamask transaction and wait for transaction to confirm
  6. Bingo! You have your favourite DApp in Dashboard to download
Buying and selling is never been much easier! You don't need bank account or ID or some other complicated procedure... You just need Metamask extension (or Ethereum enabled browser) and have some Ether balance in it! And yes the code you want to upload!

Follow these simple steps and you will have listed your hard worked DApp on DApp World!
  1. Create account on DApp World or Log In if you already have it
  2. Download metamask and get some Ether in wallet
  3. Click on 'Sell Your DApp' link on navigation bar on the top of page
  4. Fill out all the information required along with compressed code repository
  5. Click on 'Submit'
  6. Bingo! You have your DApp listed on DApp World
DApp World has a generous policy towards developers allowing to 80% of purchase share! remaining 20% are allocated for further development of projects. We dream of world fully integrated with blockchain and are committed to develop best platforms and products!

* We might change developer share in the future to make it more developer friendly and it will affect all existing DApps!

One of the following reasons -
  1. Developer can redeem their share only after 10 days of purchase. This is essential for preventing spammy developers!
  2. You are not using same Ethereum address to redeem as listed in-front of DApp
Yes, Indeed! The payment system on DApp-World uses ethereum smart contract which is immutable by nature. The payment gateway is designed entirely on ethereum blockchain platform which makes it very secure and hackproof.
Its not compulsory to redeem the amount as soon as you get it. Your reward is safe in our smart contract until you redeem it by yourself.

Refund policy

If the DApp purchased by any user is not the same as descripted on website, user can raise the complain about it by mailing us all the information about the DApp, we will test and try to resolve the issue. If issue is not resolvable we refund the transacted amount to user.

*Terms ans Conditions

  1. User has to complain within 5 daysof DApp purchase.
  2. If the DApp persists the problem about dependencies or any kind of installation problems, it will not be accounted for refunding process.
  3. Refund is only valid if user does not get the DApp as listed on its description.
If after purchasing the DApp user finds is to be false, then user can directly write us mail(** within 5 days of purchasing DApp) about all the information about DApp and transaction details. We will try to resolve the issue.

About Website Content

Dev Paradise is the DApp-World section where user can practice to build the DApps. It contains tools such as -
  1. UI Color Schemes: User can get his favourite color code by applying some basic filters.
  2. Ethereum-Studio:A tool to help learn, code, build, and deploy smart contracts and decentralized applications. Don't need to go anywhere else.
  3. Remix:The best Solidity editor and compiler.
  4. DApp-SandBox:Test your front end code here.
Freebies is the DApp-World section where user can learn to build the DApp on its own. It provides some good examples of DApps built on Ethereum and Tron bloockchain. Also full DApp code is provided for the reference. the section Go To Instructions explains the teps to be followed in detail to build the DApp.
If you want to make more money with your DApp, Use the Product Badge and add it to your website or blogs to bring more public on your DApp page.
  1. Download the Badge image by clicking download button.
  2. Press Get Code and copy the code. Paste it on your website as it is, done!

Ad Campaign

DApp-World provides Ad Campaign facility on website without any third-party. The advertisers can directly reach us with their Ads and we show them on our website.
Just mail us your product details with Image thumbnail and thats it we will add you Ad on our website..
  1. The time period for which the posted Ad is visible on webpage depends on the view count for the Ad.
  2. The view count for the Ad is determined by the amount which is payed by the advertiser to DApp-World.
  3. The Detailed fee structure will be shared with the advertiser once he get in contact with us.

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