Frequently Asked Questions
Are courses free of cost ?
We offer a free version with limited access to our courses, quizzes, and practice problems. This is a great way to get a taste of what we offer and see if DApp World is right for you.
But the best part? You can even participate in our exciting fortnightly smart contract contests completely free! Put your skills to the test, compete with other aspiring developers, and win amazing prizes – all without upgrading to the Pro versio
So, whether you're just starting your blockchain journey or looking to sharpen your existing skills, DApp World has something for you. Come join the free version and experience the fun of learning and competing in the blockchain world!
Are these courses live or duration based ?
The current courses are pre-recorded and on demand courses. The courses contain Video, Quizzes, Readings and Interactive Assignments.
How do I get the certificate ?
To get the certificate the user must complete all the lessons in the course and appear for the final lab which is available at the end of the course. The user must gain more than 35% in the final lab to get the certificate. If a user fails to do so, he/she can retake the final lab again. There is no limit on how many times the final lab can be taken. Once successfully passed the final lab, the user will be able to generate the certificate. The user has the privilege to choose his/her name which is then printed as it is on the certificate. If there is any problem while generating the certificate or after, please reach out to us at
What is the final lab ?
Final lab is an exam which the user has to face at the end after completing all the lessons in the course. This is a time limit based exam and consists of multiple choice questions and may contain some coding problems also. To read more about final lab instructions click here
What are quizzes ?
Quizzes are fun multiple choice questions type exams. Users can take quizzes to upskill in the one sentence answer in the interview.
Is there any limit on how many times I can attempt the quiz ?
Yes. For free version users there are limited number of attempts and for Pro version users can submite unlimited quizzes.
Is this time based Quiz ?
Yes. Each question has a time limit of 1 Minute however the total time for the quiz depends on the number of questions in the quiz.
What are problems ?
problems are coding exercises. Users can take up any problem problem and have to solve it by coding a solution.
How to take an problem ?
It's very easy to attempt any problem. Just visit the problems section in the classroom and click on the solve challenge button.
Can I attempt problems multiple times ?
Yes, Users can solve problem challenges multiple times, but for free version there is limit of 50 attemtps.
Is there any time limit for attempting problem ?
No, Users can take as much time as they want to solve the challenge.
What is an problem leaderboard ?
problem leaderboard is a table stating the standings of the users as per their performance in the problem attempt.
How does the problem score is calculated ?
Currently the problem score is calculated based on the evaluation of the code submitted by the user. Each successful compilation of a contract has 100 points and successful deployment has 100 points. Then the code is evaluated with different test cases. And the points are awarded to the user according to the number of passed testcases.
What is an problem leaderboard ?
problem leaderboard is a table stating the standings of the users as per their performance in the problem attempt.
What are SmartBooks ?
SmartBooks are the form of blogs where the writes can share their knowledge with the world.
How to publish SmartBooks ?
In torder to publish Smartbook, user can visit Publish Smartbook this link and submit Smartbook. Once submitted our team will evaluate and post it on website.
What are medals ?
DAppWorld awards to both the Author and SmartBook frequently by giving them Medals. Some of the example are like, SmartBook of the Month, Author of the Month, etc. The complete list will be updated soon.
Should these SmartBooks be exclusive ?
Not necessory, User can publish the blogs that are written and owned by him from other platforms as SmartBooks on DAppWorld.
What is the Rewards/Points system on DApp World ?
DApp World platform provides the best learning experience to the learner with awarding them different type of Rewards and Points, Below are the details of different points that learner gains -
What is Level ?
Experience Points (XP) mirror your journey of progress and accomplishments on our platform. You accrue XP by fulfilling tasks, upholding streaks, and attaining your daily objectives.
How are XP's earned?
Xp's can be earned by completing submissions on the various sections on DApp World platform, Breakdown by sections:
  • Problems and Contests: Each problem is associated with specific XP points. Once you successfully pass all test cases for a particular problem, the corresponding XP will be granted.
  • Quizzes: Every quiz carries allocated XP points. Achieving a score of 70% or higher upon quiz submission results in receiving the quiz's XP reward.
  • Courses: Courses consist of various components:
    • Assignments: Completing assignments awards you 100 XP each. Timely submission is essential, so avoid procrastination.
    • Reading: Each reading section provides 50 XP. Thoroughly engaging with the material is vital for knowledge acquisition.
    • Quiz: Attempting a quiz grants you 100 XP, regardless of your score.
    • Lesson: Each completed lesson adds 50 XP to your tally. Lessons are the cornerstones of knowledge, so invest time in understanding them.
What are Streaks ?
streak showcases the consecutive days you've earned 250 XP or more. It exemplifies your commitment and dedication to learning. Maintaining a streak demonstrates your persistence – keep up the outstanding work!
* Note that these rewards/points may be updated in near future, which may change some statistics of the user.